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i wanted to draw the old gaang but i didn’t know which outfits from which books to draw them in then i was like oh hang on

Stellar fan art based on Joaquim Dos Santos’ “Old Friends” poster.


Here you can have a further look at Edna’s dress - Anne from chaplinfortheages mentioned it today in a post.
The Adventurer - his last and fastest Mutual from 1917.

This scene, famous ice cream down the pants gag.  Charlie Chaplin mentioning this gag - 

If I had dropped the ice cream, for example, on a scrubwoman’s neck, instead of getting laughs sympathy would have been aroused for the woman. Also, because a scrubwoman has no dignity to lose, the point would not have been funny. Dropping ice cream down a rich woman’s neck, however, is, in the minds of the audience, just giving the rich what they deserve.
One of the things most quickly learned in theatrical work is that people as a whole get satisfaction from seeing the rich get the worst of things. The reason for this, of course, lies in the fact that nine tenths of the people in the world are poor, and secretly resent the wealth of the other tenth.

Therein lies for me the genius and psychology of Chaplin the film maker, and why he was so relatable.